Why Choose a Hilton Grand Vacations Timeshare?

Hilton Grand Vacations

What makes Hilton Grand Vacations Timeshares so special? Well, how about the fact that each Hilton timeshare resort is unique in its architecture, features, and perks. So no matter where you end up choosing to own a timeshare, you’ll find yourself entertained and happy. From mountain lodges to resorts built on top of carved out ancient lava fields, this vacation club is simply dreamlike. Plus, you can choose to stay within the United States or travel to another country, such as Canada, Mexico, Portugal, Italy, Scotland, and more.

Vacation Types

As mentioned above, each Hilton Grand Vacations resort is unique, giving you the opportunity to choose the most ideal resort for you and your needs. For instance, if you want a romantic vacation right on the beach that includes a relaxing spa, then you might want to go to Lagoon Tower resort in Honolulu, Hawaii. Or, if you want to take your family skiing, you might want to go to Valdoro Mountain Lodge in Breckenridge, Colorado. Or, if you want to enjoy the city scene while also getting the chance to play at a casino, then you might want to go to Elara in Las Vegas. You get the idea! You can choose the sort of vacation you desire and pick from a list of majestic resorts, each more extraordinary than the other.


Another great thing about Hilton timeshare resorts is that they are filled with fantastic amenities unrivaled elsewhere. And while these resorts have all the necessary amenities that you might need, each separate resort also has its own exceptional amenities. In other words, if you are looking for a family-oriented resort that has a children’s program and possibly a children’s pools that your kids can keep busy and have fun, then you might want to pick a resort such as the Hilton Grand Vacations Club at Tuscany Village in Orlando, Florida. Or, if you are looking for a resort that leaves you feeling serene, such as where you can exercise at the fitness center and then relax in the hot tub, then you might want to pick a resort like Club Intrawest in Vancouver, Canada.

ClubPartner Perks

When you join the Hilton Grand Vacations club, you receive ClubPartner Perks. This gives you the option of vacationing outside the Hilton resorts. You can go on cruises or rent yachts, RVs, or houseboats. Many opportunities are available to you when you are a timeshare owner with the Hilton club.

Breathtaking Resorts

Hilton resorts are clearly unlike other resorts. They definitely stand out among other timeshare vacation clubs because no one Hilton resort is ever identical to another. Each resort compliments its location, and this gives all the resorts distinguishing traits. Below is a generalized description of two completely different Hilton resorts you can expect to find:

  • Sunrise Lodge: This is a ski-in mountain lodge is in Park City, Utah. The first thing that usually catches visitor’s eyes is the resort’s rustic architecture, which harmonizes perfectly with the mountain’s atmosphere. Some of this resort’s features include spas, an outdoor heated swimming pool (open all year long), exercise facilities, and ski-in access. This resort also offers accommodations such as complimentary Wi-Fi in each suite. What’s more is that some select suites come with balconies, terraces, or patios. These elements are wonderful for romantic gateways.
  • Craigendarroch Suites: This countryside resort is in Ballater, Royal Deeside, Scotland. Prior to being a resort, it was a Victorian country house. Staying at this resort is, without a doubt, going to make a guest feel like a royal. Some of this resort’s features include squash and tennis courts, a health and beauty suite, and an indoor swimming pool and sauna. Just as with the Sunrise Lodge resort, this resort offers complimentary Wi-Fi in each suite.


Hilton Grand Vacations resorts are brilliant in their originality from one resort to another all the while offering you all the amenities you need.


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