Questions to Ask a Timeshare Resale Broker

marcoIslandThere are a lot of scammers out there who make it their life work to be false timeshare resale brokers. They can be persuasive, and when they tell you all about the exotic, breathtaking locations they have waiting for your taking, you might feel compelled to take them on their offer. But that could be the worst idea yet. Once they have your money, you’ll discover that there is no such vacation home waiting for you. This doesn’t always happen, but when it does, it is heartbreaking. If you’re lucky enough, you might deal with timeshare brokers that simply aren’t experts in their field. Still, why go through any of that when you can find a genuine, professional broker who knows what’s best for you? Many experts recommend you ask these questions to a timeshare broker in order to discover if he or she is a real, certified broker:

 How long have you been in business? The length of time a timeshare resale broker has been in business speaks volumes about the stability of their organization as well as the morality of their practices. For instance, it is a positive sign if they answer that they have had their company for a decade or two, indicating that they are qualified to assist both buyers and sellers in their timeshare needs.

How much have you sold? A good indicator of success can be established by the volume of sales a company has had yearly, quarterly, or since the inception of the company. It is a good idea to ask how much the company has sold in volume within a timeframe. Since they’ve started their business nearly fifteen years ago, have they sold millions of dollars in timeshare? How about this year alone? Analyzing their sales’ success will give you a good idea about their work with you.

What is your incentive to sell? A timeshare broker should have a motivation, such as a sales commission, to ensure there is an incentive to get your property sold. There needs to be an incentive for a sales agent to solicit potential buyers and offer your property to those looking to buy on the resale market. Ask resale brokers if they charge upfront fees for listings. If they answer yes, be cautious. It is critical that the resale broker have a motivation, such as by charging a commission of a percentage or flat rate at the time of closing.

Can you guarantee the sale of the property? Asking a timeshare resales agent if the sale of your property can be guaranteed is a good way to determine if the sales agent you are working with has integrity. If the answer is yes to the guaranteed sale, then you should probably look for other representation, as it is more than likely that this is a scam. A trustworthy timeshare broker never guarantees a specific timeframe in which your property can sell; however, the timeshare resale company should guarantee that they will work their hardest to get the property the proper exposure for the quickest turnover possible.

Are you licensed to sell? Timeshare brokers must employ licensed real estate agents who are governed and bounded by regulations that ensure their sales techniques and processes take place within legal and ethical guidelines. By utilizing a timeshare broker who employs licensed agents, you have the rules and regulations dictated by a higher authority on your side. If a timeshare company does not have licensed agents, it is an advertising company, which is not permitted to negotiate on your behalf, nor do they have incentive to sell since they legally cannot charge you a commission.

Are you a timeshare resale specialist? The timeshare business is a very unique specialty. A general real estate brokerage does not have the knowledge, tools, or coordination with the resorts to transfer your property in a timely manner. Make sure the broker you choose only sells timeshare property rather than participating in any residential or commercial transactions.

If you are considering buying or selling a timeshare resale property, these important questions should be asked to the timeshare broker you are speaking to. This way, if there is a scam involved, you would know, and if the broker is specialized but doesn’t have enough experience, you would also know. This will help you make the most informed decision that will make you the happiest in the end.

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Why Buy Timeshare Resale at One of These Hawaii Resorts

hawaiiTimeshare resale is the best way to go; it is cheaper than buying a brand new timeshare and it comes with all the amenities and features. So if you are thinking of buying timeshare, you might want to consider timeshare resale at one of the below Hawaii resorts. Not only are they stunning resorts, but they have beautiful, luxurious timeshare properties at a resale price. Here are five Hawaii resorts where you can buy timeshare resale:

Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club (

Nestled along the pristine shores of Maui, this tropical hideaway immerses you in the welcoming aloha spirit and serene landscape. The soft sands, turquoise waters and lush rainforests set the scene for an unforgettable Hawaii vacation. From here, you can explore the island’s diverse natural beauty, including dramatic volcanic craters and enchanting sea life. And the mild climate and ocean breezes make it the perfect place for a leisurely afternoon on the golf course or beach. This is an ideal vacation retreat, boasting spacious accommodations and appealing amenities, including refreshing pools, eclectic dining, and snorkeling and surfing opportunities at the world-renowned Kaanapali Beach.

Marriott’s Kauai Beach Club (

Welcome to Hawaii’s Garden Isle of Kauai. Explore lush valleys and timeless canyons, majestic waterfalls and rainforests that merge into the blue-and-green sea. Marriott’s Kauai Beach Club is located on beautiful Kalapaki Beach, rated one of the best swimming beaches in the Hawaiian Islands. Your villa is a vacation sanctuary surrounded by breathtaking views and the island’s rich heritage. Witness traditional Polynesian torch-lighting ceremonies and attend a festive luau. Experience Hawaii’s many sides, from laid-back leisure pursuits to more active outdoor adventures.

buy a timeshare resale

Kings’ Land by Hilton Grand Vacations Club (

Kings’ Land, the newest Hilton Grand Vacations Club resort on the famed Kohala Coast, offers expansive fairway views and stunning Waikoloa panoramas. Carved out of an ancient lava field, this 112-acre oasis occupies a superb location directly between two of Hawaii’s finest golf courses, the Kings’ Course and the Beach Course. Guests of the resort also enjoy access to the restaurants, boutiques, beaches and water recreation at the nearby Hilton Waikoloa Village Resort. In this spectacular region of Hawaii, perpetually sunny skies, dramatic vistas and world-class amenities combine to create one of the world’s most desirable vacation destinations.

Kohala Suites by Hilton Grand Vacations Club (

Superbly positioned on the sunny Kohala Coast of Hawaii’s Big Island, Kohala Suites by Hilton Grand Vacations Club provides a relaxing haven in the heart of magnificent Waikoloa. Tastefully appointed suites blend a casually elegant tropical style with distinctive amenities and furnishings. The extraordinary Big Island gives visitors the opportunity to witness the sight of an active volcano, visit a working coffee plantation, golf at championship courses or just enjoy relaxing poolside days in paradise. Resort guests also have access to the restaurants, boutiques, pools, lagoon beach, spa and water recreation at the nearby Hilton Waikoloa Village Resort, as well as the amenities, fitness center and tennis facilities at the neighboring Bay Club resort.

Aulani, a Disney Vacation Club (

Delight in activities under the island sun at Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas, Ko Olina, Hawaiʻi. Here, you’ll enjoy access to the outstanding amenities, dining and recreation of Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa—all amid the tropical splendor of Oʻahu. During the day, delight in sparkling swimming pools and exhilarating beach activities. At night, take joy in fine dining and entertainment before settling into your spacious villa.

When you buy timeshare resale at one of these stunning Hawaii resorts, you get the opportunity to return to the relaxing island life year after year.

Disney’s Aulani Resort Lets You Buy or Rent Timeshare

aulanivideo3Just imagine taking your family to Hawaii and staying there for the weekend or a whole week. Not only would you have a relaxing vacation on the beautiful beaches of the island but you would also be doing it while celebrating the Hawaiian culture and history with natives to the island. At Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa, you can have this perfect family getaway. Aulani is located on the beautiful beaches of Ko Olina on the leeward coast of O‘ahu, and it is nestled between verdant mountains and serene ocean waters. Best of all, you can buy or rent timeshare at this resort. Are you curious yet what more Aulani has to offer?


Activities at Aulani There are a ton of activities at Aulani resort, but since it would take forever to mention them, we are going to share the most popular family-oriented activities at this resort, and a few couple’s activities that you might enjoy with your partner.

  • General Beach Fun: Have fun swimming and boogie-boarding or rent snorkels, paddleboards, or other equipment to enjoy an ocean adventure. You can also just relax, soaking up the sun and savoring gentle ocean breezes. With its sparkling waters, inviting sand and paved trail, this sensational beach offers recreational opportunities for the whole family.
  • ‘Ohana Beach Games: Families face off in fun, wet and wild challenges at the beach during these complimentary games.
  • Aulani Pool Parties: Enjoy complimentary interactive fun—like games, dancing and music—during high-energy pool parties at the resort.


  • Aunty’s Beach House: While parents reconnect, kids ages 3 to 12 can craft, play video games, watch Disney movies and more at this supervised activities center.
  • Excursions: From stunning scenic tours by helicopter to close encounters with marine life, if you can dream it, you can do it. Create memories that last a lifetime with a staggering array of interactive guided experiences on O‘ahu and beyond.
  • Family Spa Treatments: Discover spa therapies and salon treatments for nearly every member of your family, and yes, this counts the little ones.
  • Ka Maka Grotto: Swim, splash, play and enjoy sweeping ocean views at Ka Maka Grotto—a family pool.
  • Menehune Adventure Trail: Embark on a complimentary high-tech scavenger hunt and discover enchanting surprises throughout Aulani.

Activities Around the Island While you’re staying at Aulani, you can always have an adventure outside the resort. The island has plenty of activities and attractions waiting for you. Here are a few of them:

  • Snorkeling, scuba diving, sport fishing, seasonal whale watching, and romantic sunset cruises.
  • Kualoa Ranch: Visit this ranch, which was once the residence of kings and a training ground for royalty instructed in the arts of war, history, and social traditions. Kualoa was considered by ancient Hawaiians one of the most sacred places on O‘ahu.
  • Pearl Harbor: Step into history by taking a tour of the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. Tours offered include the USS Arizona Memorial, USS Missouri Battleship, Pacific Aviation Museum and a number of exhibits commemorating the events leading up to the United States’ tumultuous entrance into World War II.

There are so many other activities and attractions at Aulani Resort, so don’t wait up. Call us today to find out how you can buy or rent timeshare at Aulani and learn what other features come with the resort and timeshare property.

Why Marriott Vacation Club Has Great Timeshare Resorts

timeshare resorts
Marriott – Thailand

If you’re looking for the best place to vacation at this year and the years to come, then Marriott Vacation Club might be perfect for you. “Why?” you ask. Well, Marriott Vacation Club has a fantastic line of timeshare resorts, each one with unique features and accommodations. So, no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Marriott’s timeshare resorts. Here is more on the vacation club and why it’s great:

50 Marriott Vacation Club Resorts Having a timeshare in the Marriott Vacation Club opens many doors to exceptional resorts and destinations around the world. With numerous timeshare destinations, you’ll never find yourself bored because of going to the same exact location year after year. You can choose from 50 outstanding vacation club resorts, each unforgettable with its five-star allure and commodities. You can experience the charms of many sites or revisit the same ones that most appeal to you. The options are all yours when you’re an owner at the Marriott Vacation Club. To get an idea about the club’s destinations and resorts, here’s a generalized list of the locations you can expect to stay at:

  • Marriott Cypress Harbor- Orlando, Florida
  • Marriott’s Legends Edge- Panama City Beach, Florida
  • Marriott’s Waiohai Beach Club- Kauai, Hawaii
  • Marriott’s Willow Ridge Lodge- Branson, Missouri
  • Marriott’s Grand Chateau- Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Marriott’s Aruba Ocean Club- Palm Beach, Aruba
  • Marriott’s Village d’Ile-de-France- Bailly-Romainvilliers, France
  • Marriott’s Playa Andaluza- Estepona, Costa del Sol, Spain
  • Marriott Vacation Club at The Empire Place- Bangkok, Thailand

As you can see, each location is exotic and has many opportunities in store for you.

Comforts and Privileges With the Marriott Vacation Club timeshare, you can choose any villa you want at the size that most satisfies you. You can also choose to have as many as three bedrooms, and you’ll always find yourself sleeping in the most spacious room of your dreams. Each villa comes supplied with everything you may need, such as an equipped kitchen, making you feel right at home. It can’t get any more comfortable than that!

 Available Whenever You Want to Go The great thing about having a timeshare in the Marriott Vacation Club is that you can choose the date you want to go. There are no strict guidelines that allow you to travel to one of the resort destinations only on certain dates. You can choose your own vacations days, take off of work, and come to the Marriott resorts anytime. Better yet, you can have as many vacations as you want throughout the year. The Marriott Vacation Club certainly won’t stop you.

Owners Have More Vacation Options A bonus of having a timeshare at the Marriott Vacation Club is that owners have more vacation options available to them. For instance, with their timeshare, they can choose to go on cruise lines to destinations such as the Caribbean, Europe, Mexico, and Alaska. Owners can also enjoy guided tours of prominent locations around the world, such as the Great Wall of China and the Tour Eiffel. Not to mention that owners can go on excursions to theme parks, have hiking trips, skiing activities, and so much more. There is no shortage of fun with the Marriott Vacation Club.

There are many timeshare resorts out there, but Marriott Vacation Club resorts are positively at the top of the list. A timeshare in this vacation club means going almost anywhere, anytime, and having all the commodities you need at arm’s reach. Not only will you have the best time at one of the Marriott Vacation Club destinations and resorts, but you will find yourself hooked and longing to return, and we are certain you won’t be let down by this great club.

Is Timeshare Resale for You?

resort_vs_hotelIf you’ve never experienced timeshare, you probably have questions about how it works and whether or not it is worth your money. Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog, we’re going to discuss the benefits of owning a timeshare compared to paying for a stay at a hotel. We’re also sharing with you the perks of having a timeshare resale, which is a previously owned timeshare sold at a more affordable cost (sometimes half the original price). Let’s get started!

Timeshare Prices vs. Hotel Prices When you buy a timeshare, you pay more than you would when you book a hotel room for a few nights. Though, in the long run, you actually save more money with timeshare than you would with hotel rooms. The reason for this is the fact that you’re making one payment (say around $2,000) to have a vacation home for one week each year for the rest of your life. Of course, you would still have to pay annual fees to your timeshare resort, but those small fees go toward maintaining your vacation home and all the features (like the swimming pools and fitness centers) that you would use during your stay. Plus, if you invest in timeshare resale, the price that you pay for your vacation home is even less than expected.

On the other hand, when you book a hotel room, you’re only paying for the few nights you’re staying. This means that the cost of the stay is cheaper. Nevertheless, you wouldn’t be able to rent the same hotel room again without paying for it again.

Timeshare Accommodations vs. Hotel Accommodations Many hotels have a couple of nice room accommodations, such as an in-room fridge and TV. Yet, these accommodations are nowhere near the accommodations that timeshares have. For instance, timeshares are well-appreciated because they almost always come with fully-equipped kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, master bedrooms, master bathrooms, and possibly even washers and dryers. Many timeshare resorts even give out complimentary Wi-Fi in each suite along with cable TV. So as you can see, there are many accommodations that delight timeshare owners.

With regular hotels, accommodations are certainly nice, but they’re not as plentiful and fulfilling as they are with timeshares.

Timeshare Resort Features vs. Hotel Features When you invest in a timeshare, the resort that you stay at also provides you with many thrilling features. For example, you’d be able to swim in multiple swimming pools, you’d get to exercise at the fitness center with its top-of-the-line equipment, you’d have an arcade room for your kids, and so many other activities.

Alternatively, hotels may or may not have features. If you’re lucky enough, you’d be able to book a hotel with a swimming pool or a deli shop, but usually, you wouldn’t see the same activities that you do in timeshare resorts.

Timeshare Locations vs. Hotel Locations Investing in a timeshare also allows you to choose the perfect destination and location for you. So, if you’re into staying in Orlando, FL, and visiting the many exciting theme parks, you can have a vacation home right in the area and come back every year. And, if you ever need a change of scenery, you can easily exchange your timeshare for another in a completely different destination, like, say, Hawaii. Besides, with timeshare resale, you could get your preferred destination vacation for less!

Meanwhile, when you book a hotel room, you can certainly pick your desired destination and location. Though, you wouldn’t be able to come back every year to the exact same place without paying again. You would end up throwing your money around year after year when you could own your own vacation home.

It’s pretty clear that timeshare resale gives you plenty of features and accommodations for your money compared to regular timeshares and hotel stays. So what do you think? Is timeshare resale for you?

4 Ideal Spring Break Timeshares for Sale

timeshares for saleSpring break is happening right now for many, and for others, it will take place next week or the week after. No matter which week you have off, you’ve probably been thinking of the top places to travel to for your spring break vacation. So, we’ve decided to put together some of the best spring break resorts with timeshares for sale to help you find the perfect destination and vacation stay for you.

Hilton Grand Vacations Club at McAlpin Miami’s South Beach defines urban sophistication, with its al fresco cafes, art deco architecture, mosaic of culture and world-class attitude. With a premier Ocean Drive address in the heart of South Beach, Hilton Grand Vacations Club puts you just steps away from the neighborhood’s most celebrated bistros, boutiques, art galleries and cultural venues. Each stylishly designed suite offers a haven of relaxation that is sure to complement every exhilarating South Beach agenda. As a registered historical site, this distinctive property reflects the timeless appeal of cosmopolitan, international South Beach.

Marriott’s Grand Chateau This posh, stylish retreat is surrounded by the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World. From here, you can explore all the excitement and luxury of this dazzling city, from show-stopping performances to family-friendly attractions. Marriott’s Grand Chateau® is just a half block from the legendary Las Vegas Strip. Explore world-famous casinos, play a round of golf at a challenging themed course, or take a day trip to admire the region’s stunning natural splendor, including the incomparable Grand Canyon. Enjoy spacious villa accommodations and a tempting selection of world-class amenities, including a beautiful rooftop pool and bar.

Wyndham Midtown 45 at New York City  A prime position in midtown Manhattan. Wyndham Midtown 45 at New York City, one of the newest CLUB WYNDHAM Plus resorts, is a serene, sophisticated oasis in the heart of Manhattan. Located on 45th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, Wyndham Midtown 45 at New York City is less than a mile from many of New York City’s major attractions such as Grand Central Station and the United Nations, as well as Park, Madison and Fifth Avenues. It offers easy access to Times Square, the Theatre District and the SoHo and Tribeca neighborhoods — all located less than four miles away.

Hilton Grand Vacations Club at Anderson Ocean Club Ideally situated in the heart of the Grand Strand on magnificent Myrtle Beach, Hilton Grand Vacations Club at Anderson Ocean Club offers a spectacular vacation setting. Located within the existing Anderson Ocean Club and Spa, this upscale resort features elegantly appointed ocean view and oceanfront suites, each with a furnished patio and extensive comforts of home. Championship golf courses and a variety of dining, shopping and entertainment venues are within easy access of the resort’s central location.

What do you think of these fantastic timeshare resorts, most of which have timeshares for sale at resale prices? Don’t spend your spring break at home. Take your family or friends out to one of these four resorts with timeshares for sale and wow them with a fun stay.