Wyndham Vacation Club

Welcome to Wyndham Vacation Club, where you can purchase a vacation property anywhere you would like throughout North and South America as well as a few other places around the world.

Are all Wyndham Vacation Club memberships point-based?
Not all Wyndham Vacation Club memberships are point-based. Some ownerships are fixed weeks while others are floating weeks, and some are points-based ownerships. To learn more about the different memberships, talk to your broker and decide which is best for you.

How do you use Wyndham points?
If you chose a point based membership, then would purchase an allotment of points, and those points are then used for your vacation time. The more points you purchase, the more options you get. For instance, a vacation unit with four bedrooms would cost more points than a unit with two. Similarly, the time or season you would like to vacation would also affect how many points you would need. The week of winter break would cost more points than a regular week in May, for example. A link for the points program will be forwarded for your review.

Do you have to use your points at your home resort?
The perks of choosing a point based membership is that you can use your points at any resort in the Wyndham Vacation Club Resort system. Thus, you could vacation in Orlando one year, then New York another year, then elsewhere the next, and so forth.

Is it easy to use your points?
It is very easy. You are given a login and password and you may make your reservation at any national or international resort destination, for any season, any unit size, any length of time (depending on your points allotment, of course). You get many options to choose from and the process is straightforward.

Can points be transferred and/or used for the following year(s)?
You can use your points within your anniversary year. Anniversary dates are usually October 1 or January 1. After that, you may deposit your points into the Resorts Condominium International or Interval International exchange clubs. There, you may take your points and save them for a week’s exchange for 2 more years.


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