Disney Vacation Club

Welcome to Disney Vacation Club, where dreams do really come true. Disney’s resorts have everything you might be looking for, such as kids’ activities, activities for the entire family, a wedding pavilion (at The Grand Floridian Resort), and so much more. Check out the below FAQ to learn more about DVC and how it works:

How many points should I buy?
The amount of points that you should purchase depends on where you would like to own a Disney vacation property. After all, there are several magical resorts to choose from, and each individual resort has its own point chart which gives you different options to choose from. For the most part, the amount of points you need depends on the time of year or season you would like to travel, the unit size you are looking for, and the length of your stay. For instance, choosing a unit during Christmas time will cost more points than choosing a unit during the month of February. For more information about point charts, click the link below or call one of our DVC experts!

What is a home resort?
Your home resort is the resort where your points are deeded; in other words, it is the main resort you chose to originally use your points. This doesn’t mean you can only use your points there. In fact, you can try a different fairy-tale resort one year just to switch things up. Nevertheless, when it comes to your home resort, you do get an advantage of being allowed to book 11 months in advance compared to another resort. Though, you can still make reservations up to seven months in advance at the other DVC resorts.

Can you buy a fixed week?
Yes, you can buy a “Guaranteed Week” at some of the newer DVC resorts! You don’t have to use the same week every year, but it’s yours if you want it. You can sign up to receive alerts for these special ownerships by clicking “here.”

What is the difference between resale vs. buying direct?
When purchasing DVC from an owner as opposed to purchasing from the resort directly, you will not be able to use the points to make reservations for the Concierge or Disney Collection options. This includes Disney cruises, Adventures by Disney, and select Disney resorts. “Membership Extras” are excluded as well. Membership extras include discounts on merchandise, dining, member events, and some other exclusive offers.

What is a use year?
The Use Year is the specific month during the year that your points will renew. The use year is important if you want to travel during the same season every year. For instance, if you purchase a contract with a June Use Year, you will receive your DVC points each June 1st. This Use Year also affects how you bank your points if you don’t use them. In other words, if you don’t use your points by the end of the Use Year deadline, they will expire.

When does my ownership expire?
Each Disney resort has different expiration dates. Click here to view the Right to Use expiration dates for all DVC resorts!

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